Azure Spatial Anchors: XR Cooking Experience – Training Application


Azure Spatial Anchors is a mixed reality platform service offered by Microsoft Azure, enabling developers to create shared, persistent mixed reality experiences in the real world. This case study explores how this technology was utilized uniquely to create an immersive cooking experience through the Spaghetti Tutorial Project.






Tech Stack




The challenge was teaching Azure Spatial Anchors functionalities engagingly and interactively. While there are many possible ways to use this technology, we wanted to showcase its capabilities in a fun and educational way that would resonate with users of all ages and backgrounds.


We created the Spaghetti Tutorial Project, a supporting project designed to explain the functionalities of Azure Spatial Anchors. This project includes detailed instructions on making a delicious bowl of spaghetti and learning concepts of Azure Spatial Anchors. The project also doubles as an immersive cooking experience, where users have their guide to assist them in the cooking process and make delicious meals.

The Spaghetti Tutorial Project was built using Unity 3D, Visual Studio Community 2022, Blender, and Maya. In addition, we used the HoloLens 2 development kit to create the mixed reality experience, allowing us to anchor digital content to physical objects and locations in the real world.


The Spaghetti Tutorial Project was well-received by users and industry experts alike, showcasing the potential of Azure Spatial Anchors innovatively. The project provided users with an immersive and engaging experience and successfully demonstrated the technology’s functionalities. Our team was proud to participate in this project and create a unique mixed-reality training experience for our client.


Azure Spatial Anchors is a powerful technology that has the potential to revolutionize how we experience mixed reality. The Spaghetti Tutorial Project is just one example of how this technology can be utilized in a fun and educational way. At VeeRuby Technologies, we are dedicated to staying at the forefront of the latest technologies and delivering innovative solutions that meet the needs of our clients.
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