Case Study: AR Exercise Animation: A Personalized Approach to Fitness Training


In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, caring for one’s health has become more critical. As a result, people are now more conscious of their health and fitness and are looking for ways to stay fit at home. VeeRuby Technologies has developed an innovative AR mobile application called “AR Exercise Animation” that aims to provide personalized fitness training to users anytime, anywhere.






Tech Stack




The client approached VeeRuby Technologies with a requirement to create an AR-based mobile application that could guide users through various exercises interactively and engagingly. In addition, the client wanted the application to be user-friendly and offer accurate representations of physical movements to ensure that users could perform exercises precisely and minimize the risk of injury.


VeeRuby Technologies developed an AR mobile application, “AR Exercise Animation,” which features various exercises in 3D animations. The application is developed on Unity 3D, Visual Studio Community 2022, Blender, Maya, and Android AR application development. Our team used their 3D designing, animations, and modeling expertise to create accurate and realistic 3D models of exercises, such as push-ups, squats, and lunges.

The AR technology used in the application provides an interactive and immersive experience for users, as it uses the camera of the user’s mobile device to overlay the 3D animations of the exercises onto the user’s natural environment. This enables users to see and follow the animations in real time as if they have a personal trainer right before them.


The AR Exercise Animation application has received positive user feedback, offering a convenient and personalized approach to fitness training. Users can access the application anytime and anywhere, making it easy to stay on track with their fitness goals. The AR technology in the application enables users to perform exercises with precision, reducing the risk of injury. Additionally, the application offers a variety of exercises that can be performed at home without needing specialized equipment.


VeeRuby Technologies’ AR Exercise Animation application is a game-changer in the healthcare industry. It offers a personalized approach to fitness training, making it easier for people to stay healthy and fit. With its innovative AR technology, the application provides an engaging and interactive experience, which helps users achieve their fitness goals, one exercise at a time.
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