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  • Limited adoption of AR/VR technology by consumers
  • Technical challenges in integrating AR/VR into ecommerce platforms
  • High costs associated with developing AR/VR experiences
  • Difficulty in measuring the ROI of AR/VR investments
  • Focus on creating seamless and intuitive user experiences
  • Develop AR/VR experiences that provide value to customers
  • Use high-quality 3D models and graphics to enhance realism
  • Ensure compatibility with a variety of devices and platforms
  • Provide clear instructions and guidance to users
  • Partner with AR/VR technology providers to integrate their solutions into ecommerce platforms
  • Leverage existing AR/VR development frameworks to reduce development costs
  • Use analytics tools to measure the effectiveness of AR/VR experiences
  • Offer incentives to encourage customers to try AR/VR experiences
  • What types of AR/VR experiences would be most valuable to customers?
  • How can AR/VR experiences be seamlessly integrated into ecommerce platforms?
  • How can the ROI of AR/VR investments be measured and evaluated?
  • What devices and platforms should be supported?
  • Conversion rates for customers who engage with AR/VR experiences
  • Time spent in AR/VR experiences
  • Number of customers who try AR/VR experiences
  • Customer satisfaction with AR/VR experiences
  • Increased engagement with products and services
  • Enhanced customer experiences
  • Increased sales and revenue
  • Improved brand recognition and reputation
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