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VeeRuby specializes in providing cutting-edge technological solutions with the help of a team of expert Metaverse professionals. Our services are tailored to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes, from budding start-ups to large enterprises.
With a proven track record of delivering successful projects for over a decade, we have amassed unparalleled expertise in various tech solutions. Our team comprises seasoned professionals who have gained extensive knowledge and experience, ensuring that we offer top-notch solutions to our clients, including those in the Fortune 500.

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Our Services

Selecting the right technological platform is crucial for achieving success.VeeRuby excels in multiple technologies and can guide your business in choosing the most suitable platform to meet your specific requirements quickly and comprehensively.

Augmented Reality

  • AR Solutions
  • Vuforia
  • 8th Wall
  • Spark AR
  • Snap AR
  • AR App Development
  • WebAR Development

Virtual Reality

  • VR Solutions
  • VR Training Solutions
  • VR Product Showcase
  • VR Game Development

Mixed Reality

  • Development Tutorials
  • MR Training Solutions
  • MR Games
  • MR Model Viewer
  • MR Visualization

3D Design & Development

  • 3D Modeling Services
  • 3D Animation Services
  • 3D Avatar Services
  • 3D Rendering Services

Metaverse Development

  • Digital Twin
  • Virtual Environment & Venue Development
  • Metaverse Events
  • Avatar Creation

Other Services

  • AR VR Consultation
  • Unity Development
  • Unreal Development

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Why Choose Us?

Expertise in Immersive Technologies

Our team comprises skilled professionals with extensive experience in the Metaverse, AR, VR, and MR industries. We stay up-to-date with the latest advancements and trends in immersive technologies to deliver cutting-edge solutions that meet your business objectives.

Customized Solutions

We understand that every client has unique requirements. That’s why we offer tailored solutions designed to cater to your needs. We work closely with you to understand your goals and deliver customized services that align with your vision and brand identity.

High-Quality Deliverables

We are committed to delivering top-notch quality in all our services. Our team follows industry best practices and uses state-of-the-art tools and technologies to ensure our deliverables are of the highest quality. We take pride in our attention to detail and strive for excellence in every project we undertake.

Seamless Collaboration

We believe that effective communication and collaboration are key to the success of any project. Our team works closely with you throughout the project lifecycle, providing regular updates, incorporating feedback, and ensuring your vision is realized in the final deliverables. We value your input and actively involve you in the decision-making process.

Timely Delivery

We understand the importance of meeting deadlines and delivering projects on time. Our team is dedicated to ensuring the timely delivery of our services without compromising on quality. We work diligently to keep the project on track and deliver the results you expect within the agreed-upon timeframe.
Unlock the potential of immersive technologies for your business with our comprehensive range of services. Contact us today to discuss your project, and let us help you create unforgettable experiences in the Metaverse, AR, VR, and MR industries. Partner with us and stay ahead in the rapidly evolving world of immersive technologies

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Our Commitment


We are dedicated to delivering high-quality products and services that meet or exceed your expectations. Our team of experts uses the latest technology and industry best practices to ensure that we deliver the best possible outcomes for your business.


We understand the importance of timely delivery and its impact on your business. That’s why we commit to delivering our products and services on time, every time. We understand that time is money and strive to ensure we do not waste either.


We believe that communication is key to the success of any project. We promise to keep you informed throughout the project, always updating you on progress and any possible changes.

Customer Satisfaction

We are committed to your satisfaction. We will go above and beyond to ensure that you are happy with the final outcome of your project. We value your feedback and will use it to improve our services and products continuously.

Let's make something together.

We believe that success is built on trust, quality, and innovation. Our team of experts is committed to providing high-quality services and products that meet or exceed your expectations. We help you stay ahead of the curve and take advantage of your industry’s latest technologies and trends.
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