Senior Housing and Care Facilities

In the world of senior housing and care facilities, providing an exceptional experience is essential. Our cutting-edge AR and VR solutions are designed to redefine the way senior housing and care properties are showcased and assessed, making them more appealing and efficient for residents, their families, and caregivers.
Experience how we’re creating new solutions to complex industry business challenges.
  • Limited physical site visits due to the pandemic and distance from the facility.
  • Difficulty in visualizing the layout and design of the facility.
  • Lack of understanding of the amenities and services provided by the facility.
  • High cost and time associated with creating physical models or mock-ups.
  • Creating virtual tours and walkthroughs of the facility using AR/VR technology.
  • Using 360-degree cameras to capture images of the facility for immersive experiences.
  • Providing interactive floor plans and room designs using AR technology.
  • Creating a digital library of amenities and services available at the facility.
  • Develop an AR/VR app for potential customers to explore the facility.
  • Provide headsets or devices for virtual tours to be conducted remotely.
  • Host virtual events such as open houses or informational sessions using AR/VR technology.
  • Create interactive brochures or pamphlets using AR technology.
  • How can AR/VR technology improve the customer experience in senior housing and care facilities?
  • What are the most effective ways to showcase the amenities and services of a facility using AR/VR technology?
  • What type of AR/VR experiences are most appealing to potential customers?
  • How can AR/VR technology be used to enhance the decision-making process for customers considering a senior housing and care facility?
  • Number of virtual tours conducted.
  • Engagement metrics such as time spent in the AR/VR experience.
  • Feedback from customers on the effectiveness of the AR/VR experience.
  • Conversion rates of virtual tours to in-person visits.
  • Improved understanding of the facility layout and design.
  • Increased knowledge of the amenities and services available at the facility.
  • Improved decision-making process for customers.
  • Increased satisfaction with the overall experience.
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