AR Exercise Animation: A Personalized Approach to Fitness Training


In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, prioritizing health and fitness is more crucial than ever. VeeRuby Technologies has revolutionized the fitness industry with “AR Exercise Animation,” an innovative AR mobile application designed to offer personalized fitness training to users anywhere, anytime.






Tech Stack




VeeRuby Technologies was approached by a client with a unique demand for an AR-based mobile app that provides engaging and interactive exercise guidance. The application was intended to be user-friendly while accurately demonstrating physical movements, ensuring precise execution to minimize the risk of injuries.


The talented team at VeeRuby Technologies created “AR Exercise Animation” on the Unity 3D platform, employing Visual Studio Community 2022, Blender, Maya, and Android AR application development. Leveraging their expertise in 3D designing, animations, and modeling, they meticulously crafted realistic and accurate 3D exercise models, including push-ups, squats, and lunges.

The application utilizes cutting-edge AR technology, overlaying 3D exercise animations onto the user’s natural environment through their mobile device’s camera. This seamless integration offers an interactive and immersive experience, providing users with a virtual personal trainer.


The “AR Exercise Animation” app has garnered praise from users, offering a personalized and convenient fitness training solution. With its accessibility, users can easily maintain their fitness goals at their convenience.

The application’s AR technology empowers users to perform exercises with precision, reducing the risk of injuries commonly associated with improper form. Furthermore, it provides a diverse range of exercises that can be effortlessly performed at home without specialized equipment.


VeeRuby Technologies’ “AR Exercise Animation” app marks a paradigm shift in the healthcare industry, providing a tailored fitness training experience that promotes health and well-being. Through its innovative AR technology, users can engage with interactive 3D animations and achieve their fitness goals effectively and safely, one exercise at a time. Experience the future of fitness training with “AR Exercise Animation” and embark on your journey to a healthier lifestyle.
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