AR Syringe Testing – An Immersive Solution for Syringe Testing Training


VeeRuby Technologies was approached by a syringe testing organization to develop an immersive solution for employee training. The primary objective was to provide an effective training platform that could simulate real-world testing equipment, enabling the trainees to understand the testing equipment’s working and practice the procedure before performing it in real time.






Tech Stack




The client faced two significant challenges. Firstly, there was a requirement for expensive equipment to train employees, which was only feasible for some organizations. Secondly, trainees had a limited timeline to practice the equipment, leading to a lack of procedural proficiency.


VeeRuby Technologies provided an immersive platform using augmented reality and virtual reality technology. The platform mimics real-world testing equipment and enables the trainees to perform the procedure in a virtual environment. The solution was developed using Unity 3D, Visual Studio Community 2022, HoloLens 2 application development, and Oculus Quest 2.

Our team worked on designing and integrating the user interface and user experience, 3D modeling and designing, mixed reality development, virtual reality development, and quality analysis. The solution provided a hands-on training experience to the users, enabling them to understand the procedure thoroughly and practice multiple times without any involvement of machines or administrators.


The AR Syringe Testing solution provided a cost-effective and efficient way of training employees. The client well-received the solution, resulting in a better understanding of the procedure, improved efficiency, and reduced errors in real-world scenarios. In addition, the immersive platform provided a safe and risk-free environment for the trainees to learn and practice the procedure.


AR Syringe Testing is an excellent example of how immersive technology can provide adequate training solutions for industries like medical training. VeeRuby Technologies’ expertise in developing immersive training and education solutions helped clients achieve their goals and improve their employees’ performance.
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