Box Organizer – Revolutionizing Manual Training through VR and MR


The training industry is constantly looking for new ways to provide job-specific skills training to personnel. Manual training, in particular, has its own set of challenges, such as the need for equipment and limited practice hours. However, these challenges can be overcome with the rise of immersive technologies, and the training experience can be more effective and engaging. Box Organizer is a virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (MR) application designed to assist industry personnel in arranging qualified delivery boxes in a specific pattern and collecting their details via a barcode scanner. This case study discusses the challenges faced during the development of Box Organizer, the solution provided by VeeRuby, and the impact of the application on the training industry.






Tech Stack




One of the biggest challenges faced by the team during the development of Box Organizer was designing an environment that closely matched the real-world equipment and environment. The environment needed to be intricate and close to a real-world practice environment to provide qualified training to the personnel.

Our Solutions:

VeeRuby developed a VR and MR application that allowed users to follow instructions and prompts to learn how to stack boxes in a particular way. The application utilized state-of-the-art technology and hardware such as Unity 3D, Visual Studio Community 2022, Maya, Blender, HoloLens 2 Development, Oculus Quest 2, and SideQuest. The application had a training and controlling module that could set specific scenarios for the trainees to experience. We also provided instruction guidelines and a decent UI-UX experience to ensure the trainees had a smooth learning experience.


Box Organizer provided the training industry with a practical and engaging solution. The VR and MR application enabled personnel to learn with just the help of a headset and controller, providing them countless practice hours. In addition, the complex environment designed closely matched the real-world equipment and environment, enabling personnel to gain practical experience. This made the training more engaging and compelling, reducing training time and improving job-specific skills. Box Organizer also reduced the need for equipment and minimized the risk of damage to equipment during the training process.


Box Organizer is an excellent example of how VR and MR technology can revolutionize manual training. VeeRuby overcame the challenge of designing an environment that closely matched the real-world environment, providing industry personnel with a practical and engaging training experience. As a result, box Organizer has reduced training time and improved job-specific skills, making it an invaluable tool for the training industry.
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