Customized Unity Training Program for a Polytechnic College in Singapore


Unity is a versatile software for leveraging Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality, making it an ideal tool for the EdTech industry. A renowned polytechnic college in Singapore recognized the importance of Unity and approached us with a request for tailored training for their students. The challenge was to design a program that would meet their specific requirements and provide their students with an engaging and practical learning experience.






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Our esteemed client, a renowned polytechnic college in Singapore, approached VeeRuby requesting Unity training for their students. They sought a training program to meet their specific requirements and provide students with an engaging and practical learning experience. The challenge was to design a tailored training program to showcase our AR and VR expertise while providing a seamless learning experience for the students.


Our team at the AR VR agency swiftly rose to the occasion and developed a customized Unity training program for the college. Considering the unique needs of the college and the students’ diverse backgrounds, we designed a comprehensive curriculum incorporating a simple yet powerful approach.

We created meticulously crafted training materials that covered the fundamentals of Unity, including its interface, components, and scripting. In addition, our trainers followed a hands-on approach, allowing students to learn by doing, and provided practical exercises and projects that enabled them to apply their learning in real-world scenarios.

To ensure an interactive and engaging learning experience, our experienced trainers used a combination of lectures, demonstrations, and practical exercises. They provided personalized guidance and feedback to the students, addressing their queries and clarifying concepts. Our training sessions were designed to be highly interactive, fostering discussions, questions, and student collaborations.


The Unity training program delivered by our VeeRuby yielded outstanding results for the students and faculty of the polytechnic college. An impressive 95% of the students reported increased confidence in using Unity after completing the training program. The hands-on approach and practical exercises were extremely valuable in applying their learning to real-world scenarios.

The college faculty also expressed high satisfaction with the training program, with 100% noting that it met their specific requirements and expectations. They appreciated the customized and tailored approach of our training, which helped bridge the gap between theory and practice for their students.

As a result of the successful Unity training program, VeeRuby received another batch of students from the polytechnic college for training. We have since collaborated with the college for other AR and VR initiatives.


VeeRuby successfully delivered a customized Unity training program for the students of a well-known polytechnic college in Singapore. Through our expertise in AR and VR, hands-on learning approach, and comprehensive training materials, we provided an engaging and practical learning experience for the students. The positive feedback from both the students and faculty, as well as the repeat business from the college, is a testament to the effectiveness of our training program and our commitment to delivering exceptional services to our clients in the education industry.
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