HoloLens 2 Image Tracking for Immersive Training


Immersive technologies, such as mixed reality, are gaining momentum in various industries for training, education, and entertainment. HoloLens 2 is a popular tool that leverages mixed reality experiences. This case study focuses on developing a mixed-reality application using HoloLens 2 Image Tracking for immersive training.






Tech Stack



Client's Challenge:

The client’s primary challenge was to ensure the accuracy rate of image and object detection while using HoloLens 2. Unfortunately, the object tracking or detection did not work as needed due to the object’s small size. Therefore, the client sought a solution that could provide zero latency during image detection.

Our Solution:

Our team of experts developed a mixed reality application for HoloLens 2 that includes QR code tracking, image tracking, a user-friendly UI/UX experience, and detailed instructions on using the application. We deviated from object tracking and used image tracking instead to overcome the object detection challenge. We used Vuforia, an image-tracking SDK, to overlap a 3D model over a real-world model using QR code tracking. Additionally, we used VisionLib, a computer vision library, to improve the accuracy of image detection. As a result, the hologram/3D model replica was positioned accurately to mimic object tracking, and we achieved a latency rate of less than one second.

Our team of experts provided 3D modeling and animations to create a realistic 3D model of the object. We also ensured a seamless user experience by creating a simple and intuitive UI/UX for the application. In addition, we provided detailed instructions on using the application, including scanning the QR code and accurately positioning the hologram/3D model replica.

Impact and Benefits:

The HoloLens 2 Image Tracking project provided users with an immersive and practical training experience, allowing them to learn and practice skills in a safe and controlled environment. The application helped users to understand and master skills with ease, reducing the risk of errors and increasing their productivity. In addition, our solution helped the client achieve their accuracy and latency rate goals during image detection, exceeding their expectations.


The HoloLens 2 Image Tracking project was a successful collaboration between our team of experts and the client. Our solution provided an immersive training experience that met the client’s needs and exceeded their expectations. This case study demonstrates how immersive technologies can provide an effective and efficient solution for various industries.
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