Technology Runway

Could your next dress be made entirely out of pixels? A digital dress made only out of pixels sold for $9500 at a charity auction, and a look from Balenciaga’s fall 2021 runway was presented in the form of a video game. Over the past few years, the digital 3D generated computer models have taken the industry by storm.

What is digital clothing? Digital clothing is a virtual item that is edited onto the customer instead of them wearing it. In simpler words, this can be in the form of a paid Snapchat filter. Digital clothing isn’t all new. It existed in online games for decades.

Why would anyone want this? Will we virtually dress up in the future? The digital clothing industry was accelerated due to the pandemic, and its presence in the future is inevitable. With the consumers not being able to go to the store and try on the clothes due to pandemics, many companies came up with AR goods to try on to them in the comfort of their own homes. Consumers are also using augmented reality to virtually try on their makeup.

Tech companies, including Facebook, Apple, Snapchat, and Google, are developing augmented reality experiences. So what is Augmented Reality? AR works as a surface between the natural world and the digital world. In other words, AR is an interactive 3D experience that combines a view of the natural world with computer-generated elements.

This technology may sound like science fiction, but combining AR with digital fashion could mean we would live in a world where what we wear in real life is different from what we see through glasses. For example, an ordinary shirt can be transformed into an animated one that we only really experience through AR.

We can now use Snapchat filters that change the shape of our face, the color of our hair, and more while still maintaining a realistic appearance.

We may not know it now, but we’re all playing our role in advancing the field of digital fashion. So when the technology is finally ready, we might find that we’re too!

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